Why Choose Us?

Leave the task of packing heavy industrial machinery to us because we have the means and the experience to do this right!

If you are looking for a comprehensive packaging solution for your sophisticated and heavy equipment, you have landed in the right place. With 45+ years of experience we at VijayPacking Company are your perfect choice. We give you access to the highest quality packing materials such as plywood, crates, and pallets. Dedicated support staff manages your needs and answer all your questions. Our priority is protection of your highly expensive and specialized equipment. For this, we provide advanced packing solutions such as engineered product specific packaging.

During transport, your commercial grade equipment and machineries are subjected to different hazards such as vibration, shock, compensation, abrasion, punchier, and rough handling. However, with the strong assistance from our specialized crating and packaging materials, your products can easily endure the rigors during long-distance transportation and remain safe.

Here are the benefits that make us your natural choice for heavy machinery packing solutions.

Strategic planning

For the last 45 years, we have honed our skills and this helps us to provide exemplary services to MNCs and corporate clients, helping them with equipment exports. We rely on our meticulous planning and preparation because it ensures smooth movement of the goods and keep them safe as well. Our team will arrive fully equipped with their tools to process the packing and transportation easily. Our strength lies in complete detailing, identifying special needs, and creating tailored solutions, as our pre-project survey misses nothing.

Custom Crating

Our in-house packaging unit manufactures custom built wood and plastic packing materials to wrap your heavy-duty equipment safely. We consider your product dimensions, weight, destination, fragility and value of your commercial grade machinery to design crates and packaging material. We will use only befitting packaging materials for your products for safe delivery..

On-site crating Capabilities

Our team will reach your location to pack the items and get them ready for shipping. Thus, you do not have to worry about any aspect related to the effective packing of the goods. We are your one-stop shop for packaging and transportation needs. We dive deep into our extensive knowledge about packaging materials and transportation and cost to render simple, quick, efficient and economical solution.

Fast response to Customer needs

You can depend upon us for industry grade packing of heavy machinery. We use wooden pallets, crates, packing boxes, and plywood material to pack your industrial contents. Our experts will provide quick response to your business requirements and make every subsequent step a smooth transition. We have clearly laid out the guidelines and Terms & Conditions for all types of transactions. This keeps the guesswork out of the picture.

With our ethical business policy, top of the line packing solutions, timely delivery, and fair pricing, doing business with our ISO certified Packing & Moving company is a delight. Call now to inquire

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